B.B.B. is a short, fast-paced game where you play as Batterybot, who is frantically trying to keep all the Babybots charged up!


W, A, S, D (or arrow keys) to move

Left Mouse Button to aim and lasso Babybots

How To Play

Your goal is to keep the Babybots alive! You will need to keep Batterybot's battery level up by recharging at the charging platform. Recharge Babybots by lassoing them. Babybots drain more battery the further they are from you! If a Babybot runs out of battery, it can be revived by lassoing it.

The Team

Kenneth @kennethchanny

Art, animations, scene lighting and visuals

Jedidiah @jedidiah.cheng

Gameplay, tethering logic and bot interactions

Yumi @leowyumi

Gameplay, Babybot behaviour and VFX


B.B.B. Installer for Windows 22 MB


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Very cute game. Creative and simple. The pixel art is not bad is kind simple but complex at the same time. Not a bad game. I liked it. fun little time i spent here.


This was such a simple little game, but a solid concept and a really fun way of showing off resource management. Love the art style too!

I hope you don't mind but I made a short Let's Play of your game. Thanks for making such a fun game =D

I have written a small review blog here for your game : https://saphereye.wordpress.com/2021/09/24/shocking-stress-simulator/.

Fun little game!


Good game...

Very cute!


Love the game!


i think this is cool


I think you're cool ^ ^


hey, thanks!


The sprite and animation are really good. I like the spirit and I would like playing others levels with this gameplay. :)

Thank for this game !

If we have more time, we'd certainly love to add more levels or challenges! Glad you like it!


Pretty short game, but main idea is very nice.

Thank you so much for giving it a try ^ o ^